Arabs in India

A small but recognizable people with Arab origins have over time settled in the India.Many who arrived in Gujarat were later recruited to the army. Most Gujarati Arabs were traders, and business men who sold or traded silk, diamonds and other valuables resulting in wealthy business men. The city of Surat and villages within the city are notorious for Arab settlements. Variav and Randev are the few villages that Arabs started their lives in. In Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Iraqis arrived in 15th and 16th century from Sindh, Pakistan. These people claim ancestry from Arab tribe of Bani Tamim.In Hyderabad, Chaush are Arab community of Hadhrami descent whose ancestors were recruited as soldier by Nizam of Hyderabad. In Kerala, Syed Thangals of Hadhrami descent settled around 17th century as missionaries to propagate Islam. There are also Shia Sayyids in Northern region of country who claim descent from Wasit, Iraq like Zaidis. Sunni Sayyid of the country also claim Arab descent from Sufi missionaries but it is hard to say that every Sufi really belonged to Arab. Most of the Sufis migrated from Persia. Sunni Sayyid also include converts from higher Hindu castes like Brahmin and Kshatriya. Sunni Sheikhs also claim Arab descent from Sufis or migrants but it remains hoax. They don't know their tribe but trace lineage from Umar, Abu Bakr and Uthman, the Rashidun Caliphate. Many of present Sheikhs converted from Hindu castes such as Kayasth and Rajput.

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An overview of the Afrocentric movement, its many lies and what science really says

Egypt Independent 24 Jul 2024
Under these Afrocentric beliefs, only Copts and Nubians can lay claim to Egyptian heritage and not Arab Muslims ... Both classical and colloquial Arabic language has over thousands of ancient Egyptian words – we even have Arabic hieroglyphic letters such as the letter ba, the letter nun, the letter ha....

Mythologies of the past: discovering Allat, Arabian goddess of resilience, prosperity

The Jordan Times 23 Jul 2024
"The presence of the word “sahdt” in a Safaitic inscription from a period much older than Classical Arabic texts invites us to shed light in the development of two nominal derivations, namely sahada’ and sahidthat occupy a major role in the history of Arab-Islamic religious thought until today," Hayajneh underscored. Image. Section. Local Journalists....

Top Summer Destinations In Lebanon Every Cinephile Must Visit

961 23 Jul 2024
1 ... 2 ... This vintage poster store in Hamra is not only for keen film lovers but also for those who love traveling to the past and rediscovering their favorite childhood movies in Arabic and French. The store features translated posters of classics such as ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Modern Times.’ It also has antique postcards and magazines. 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... 7 ... .......

Who is Thriston Lawrence? Meet the golfer vying for first major title at 2024 British Open

Sportingnews 21 Jul 2024
Heading into the final round of the British Open, a familiar name sits at the top ... The 27-year old may be a relative unknown to the sport's casual supporters ... MORE ... MORE ... Lawrence competed in the MENA Tour, a sort of spiritual precursor to LIV Golf, picking up his first professional win at the Ras Al Khaimah Classic in the United Arab Emirates ... 2021 ... ....

Travel through time: Check out these vintage automotive gems at UAE’s Sharjah Classic Cars Club

Gulf News 18 Jul 2024
Are you a vintage car enthusiast or a history buff in the UAE? Buckle up, because we have found a place you must not miss – the Sharjah Classic Cars Club ... The Sharjah Classic Car Museum ... The fourth zone features twelve large cars and some classic cars that were used in the United Arab Emirates. The final zone is designated for classic car enthusiasts....

Cairo Cinema Culture Palace offers up free film screenings for July

Egypt Independent 16 Jul 2024
The films include international, classic, Arab cinema and the Animation Cinema Club, all of which are screened free of charge to the public at eight pm, with some films followed by seminars ... The Novel and Film Club will screen the Arab film “al-Saqqa Mat” (1977) on July 22 and on ......

Abu Dhabi selected as 2025 International Jazz Day Global Host City

Bahrain News Agency 13 Jul 2024
... as a tapestry of Arab and Emirati culture, the Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported. Classical instruments like Oud, Qanoon and Ney will introduce global audiences to ‘Arabic Jazz’....

Arab music legend Kadim Al Sahir to perform at the second edition of the New Alamein Festival on July 18

Egypt Today 12 Jul 2024
The veteran Iraqi singer has a number of classical and pop hits under his belt which enriched the legacy of Arabic music including “ ......

The calligraphy of Syrian artist

Gulf News 12 Jul 2024
... for Arabic Calligraphy in the Arab World in Sharjah in 2004; the most prestigious award in Diwani Jali style at the Al Baraka Bank Competition in Istanbul in 2005; and the Classic Calligraphy Prize at the second Biennial of Calligraphy in the Arab World in Sharjah in 2006....

12 Lebanese Musicians To Watch In 2024

961 11 Jul 2024
Lebanon’s music scene is a melting pot of cultural influences and artistic innovation, continuously producing talented musicians who captivate audiences both locally and internationally ... 1. Mashrou’ Leila ... Genre ... 2 ... Her blend of Arabic melodies with electronic beats creates a unique auditory experience ... Arabic pop and classical Arabic music....

14 Lebanese Musicians You Should Watch In 2024

961 11 Jul 2024
Lebanon’s music scene is a melting pot of diverse artistic innovation, continuously producing talented musicians who captivate audiences both locally and internationally ... 1. Mashrou’ Leila ... Genre. Indie Pop/Rock ... 2 ... Her blend of Arabic melodies with electronic beats creates a unique auditory experience. 3 ... Arabic pop and classical Arabic music....

Violinist Johanna Pichlmair shines at Dubai Opera

Khaleejtimes 10 Jul 2024
This prestigious event, part of the VIP Classical Concerts series, was organised by SAMIT Event Group under the patronage of the Austrian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates. As the show began, the audience was immersed in an evening of classical music brilliance ... They are distinguished for their high standard of classical music....

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